Making Money Via Capital Market Services

Everybody wants to make more money, right. The problem is, jobs are hard to come by and wages are stagnant. Even owners of small businesses are struggling to turn a decent profit. However, if you have a little extra money and are willing to invest it, you can still make good money with capital market services.

Capital markets are those markets involving things like stocks and bonds. One of the more well known examples is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On the NYSE, you’ll find thousands of companies selling stock in all price ranges. To that end, stock market services are offered by companies as a subcategory of their capital market services.

Making Money on Stocks

If you want to make money on stocks, you have two options: hire a broker to handle everything for you or operate as a self-directed investor. If you choose the former, you’ll pay broker fees as a result. Broker fees can be fixed or based on the size and profitability of a given investment portfolio.

Self-directed investing is becoming increasingly more popular because it frees you from having to pay broker fees. Nevertheless, this type of investing is where stock market tips come in handy. Many self-directed investors spend hours every day scouring analysts’ reports for the best and worst stocks out there.

Making money on the stock market is an exercise in patience. In fact, any company offering a stock market service will likely tell you to mix up your portfolio with a combination of short-term, high-yield investments and long-term low-yield investments. Having multiple investment vehicles maximizes your chances of making money.

Making Money on Currencies

The other common way of making money via capital market services is to buy and sell international currencies. This is known as FOREX trading. With this type of investment strategy, individuals are buying and selling currencies on a daily basis.

FOREX trading is not for the faint of heart. It is also a very short-term type of investment requiring nerves of steel. However, those who can make it work well can make a ton of money in a very short amount of time. The key to successful FOREX trading is to pay very close attention to market trends.

Analysts do offer tips for FOREX, just as they do stock market tips. But because currency markets are significantly more volatile, this type of trading requires a lot more intuition.

Whether you choose to invest in stocks, bonds or currencies, you can make money via market services. If you’re just getting started, you might do well to work with a broker or financial advisor until you get your feet wet. After that, feel free to invest on your own.

Just remember one thing: all investments carry with them some sort of risk. There’s no such thing as a 100% guarantee of profit. As long as you remember that one simple rule and you’re willing to lose a little here and there, you’ll be fine.

Three Sales and Marketing Integration Tips You Can Use Right Now

Integrating the two departments greatly boosts the efficacy of both-and often requires only a few changes in the relationship between the two. We’ll discuss just a few of the ways you can immediately begin the integration of sales and marketing.

Establish a Service Level Agreement Between Sales and Marketing

In this context, a service-level agreement (SLA) clarifies and delineates team commitments. It establishes areas each team should be focusing and the goals each team should be meeting to uphold the joint effort between the two, such as successful follow-up of leads by the sales team and proper generation of qualified leads by the marketing team.
Without such an agreement, teams can work at cross-purposes by focusing on different sales streams or lose efficiency by overlapping-a sales team backed by a marketing team generating a high volume of qualified leads does not need to focus time on lead generation.
Proper marketing waterfall analytics integrated to inside sales and field sales processes become very important here, as you must be able to view data across every stage of the customer buying process and implement standards and goals into the SLA that match to the analytics. Expectations without a firm backing by data can only lead to team friction and failures. This leads directly into item number two.
Maintain an Integrated and Detailed Customer Relationship Management Program

Marketing analytics need to be understood and shared quickly between teams for maximum productivity. It’s not unusual for a company to keep such information firmly in the hands of marketing without considering the value of integrating the sales side. All performance MUST be reported inside of your CRM system for this to be effective for sales and anyone who the data effects needs to be able to access all the information. By integrating the data collected by both teams immediately into shared dashboards and reports, each team can quickly adjust their own efforts to better support the other.
Take Your Data All the Way Down to the Sales Representative

By directly granting access to information from the sales team ‘boots on the ground’ to the marketing team generals, you grant a view of the situation from a practical vantage point to individuals who may be operating on a purely theoretical basis. An untested marketing campaign rarely survives first contact with the customer. If your marketing team waits for information to trickle upstream instead of viewing it directly, the entire marketing ‘battle’ may be lost. At the very least, marketing ROI will take a hit from a failure to quickly refine and perfect campaign tactics.
Furthermore, ground-level sales representatives interact most frequently with your potential buyers and can provide highly-detailed tactic, campaign, content and buyer quality information which would otherwise disappear in the shuffle.
You will find that you can quickly and painlessly implement each of these tips and see near-immediate improvements from the resulting integration. Primarily, these tips allow you to wring the most from your marketing analytics and CRM systems. Such systems can only provide as much information as is placed into them, and the value of their output relies highly upon how many people understand and adjust based upon it. Furthermore, these tips can work to defuse the ‘us versus them’ mentality which arises so often between sales and marketing teams and put them back to work as proper allies.

Frank Donny is founder and CEO of Marseli [], a marketing and sales analytics and performance software company. Donny is responsible for the firm’s capabilities, software vision and services. Donny’s remarkable 25-year career of driving marketing and sales operations divisions within Fortune 500 and start-up organizations is highlighted by his passion for business development and empowering others to succeed. Donny is a graduate of Marquette University and received his MBA from Western Illinois University.

Free Email Marketing Service – Is It Best Tool For Online Promotion?

Nowadays, marketing via email is at the core of every online business, whether it is small, medium or large. Organizations and employees use the free email marketing service to interact with one another, clients, suppliers and investors, but do you think that free services are effective? Obviously, it is a fast and economical way of delivering brief messages as well as a large database. These days, businesses have a number of options for e-mail marketing, including basic email, mass marketing and emailing list administration. The best email service is not essentially a free one, but one that is dependable and serves the company’s requirements.

As there are a number of ways in which you can advertise your business, the effective ones are paid to a great extent and include a lot of investment. Except that, there is one such online marketing practice, which is free and useful too is e-mail marketing. This is one of the most efficient and the oldest practice used by people to market their business. There are a number of factors that maintain the success of free email marketing services as a tool for online promotion.

Regardless of the introduction of several web applications that make interaction fast and easy, there are many people who still have confidence in the e-mails and choose to obtain mails. They are simpler to accumulate and have an individual touch in them too. Therefore, this direct e-mail advertising technique is still very popular, useful, appropriate and acceptable by people across the network.

Although people choose to get e-mails, the success of your mail depends completely on the way you create these messages. The first thing to evaluate from service to service is the kind of email service provided. Some email service providers are geared more towards business whereas others are user-friendly for the normal person.

Consider the features offered by each provider. For instance, Google mail offers you multiple services outside email like Google notebook, task lists, calendar and documents. One significant thing to consider when comparing service providers is ease of access. Many people need to verify their email whereas on the go using Smart phones or mobile devices. A few email services do not have mobile applications which make checking e-mail on a mobile phone annoying and tiresome.

Thus, using free e-mail advertising services allow direct interaction with clients. In a business, the higher management gets an opportunity to communicate with its customers by using this service, on a personal level. The majority people around the world are well versed with the internet and hence choose email marketing over all other forms of advertising. They also get the easy accessibility of information, on a new product or service, highly suitable with email services, you can offer your customers with lots of helpful information on a variety of subjects.

At last, users will not condemn marketing or advertising, provided that the information you are providing them is helpful and useful. Most significantly, this information has to be pertinent. The actual success of your e-mail marketing campaign lies in the number of people going through your messages.

PI Marketing Myths

In order to be successful in your PI marketing efforts, you don’t have to shell out a ton of cash. Many PI’s believe this to be the case. It’s not about spending a ton of money; it’s about improving the marking that you already have in place. With that being said, it’s important that you don’t fall for these 4 marketing myths.

The first myth is that you should focus on getting your brand out. Don’t get me wrong, having a good solid brand and a good solid reputation that people trust, talk about, and perceive is really priceless but is a holistic process that involves much more than simply slapping your logo on a billboard or a direct mailer.

For every dollar you are spending on advertising, make sure that you are putting at least a dollar back into your pocket. An ad with your logo and tagline simply doesn’t accomplish this, but many PI’s have bought into this falsehood. Branding is something that tends to naturally occur when you really deliver exceptional service to your customers. Just don’t buy into the lie that you can brand yourself on just putting your name out there.

In fact, for a small business, branding is probably the absolute worst use of your dollars. Almost all private investigators should be focused not on brand marketing but on direct response marketing where you are able to measure the results.

The second myth is that marketing tends to cost a lot of money and to make more you need to spend more money. Most PI’s already have several under-leveraged facets of their marketing system and by simply making a small change (without spending any additional money on marketing) they can get more results.

For example, if you look at many PI’s websites or their Yellow Pages ad you see the word infidelity over and over again. By simply changing the word infidelity to cheating you can triple your response rate. A cheating spouse triggers a higher emotional response in people where the word infidelity doesn’t because it is a very neutral word. So by simply changing wording in the ad you are already paying for, you can increase your response rates by 10% or 100% simply by better copywriting and all without spending any extra money.

So before you buy into a lie that you need to spend more money on advertising or pay per click ads or whatever you are currently being sold, it is important to make sure that you are leveraging your existing investment before you dump more money into a never earning black hole.

The third myth is that you need to hard-sell prospects in order to close them. It’s really pretentious and naïve to think that every person who calls or stops in needs to become a client of yours. The key to success is to help determine if you are a good fit for each other or not. Many people still teach pushing sales tactics. These don’t work anymore and really are an insult to your prospect’s intelligence. As soon as you quit pushing people and start to determine if you can help and benefit the prospect, your sales numbers will begin to soar.

The fourth myth is that you need to spend lots of money on a website, pay per click marketing, SEO etc. There is a statistic out that says that the highest percentage of clients come from web traffic. However, private investigators that test other mediums report numbers that are quite different.

A Google consumer survey, with over 500 responses from people that have actually hired private investigators, found that most Yellow Page and web searches accounted for identical percentage of how people decide to hire a PI. That percentage was pretty low coming in at only 10%.

Anyone that says that you need to spend a lot of money on the web is missing 90% of potential clientele that is out there. This all boils down to the use of direct response marketing and knowing your numbers. Once you have this data you can then understand what works and what doesn’t work and adjust your PI marketing efforts accordingly.